International Voice


Manor's Voice Service Solutions empower telecom operators worldwide with access to premium international routes and seamless interconnectivity.

With a truly global footprint, our international voice solutions seamlessly traverse numerous channels, centralising customer communications and facilitating calls from anywhere on the planet.

Furthermore, Manor goes the extra mile by offering profile-based routing solutions and state-of-the-art anti-fraud voice solutions, ensuring the highest level of security and reliability in business communications. This allows our clients to optimise quality, productivity, profitability, and responsiveness, setting new standards in the industry.

In the South Asia Region

In the South Asia region, Manor is unwaveringly committed to maintaining the highest quality standards and proudly holds the position of being the #1 service provider for Bangladesh. We have established robust connectivity with nearly all International Gateway (IGW) providers, as well as government entities, solidifying our reputation as a trusted and preferred partner in the telecommunications landscape.

For Operators

We are your partner in enhancing your brand's business reputation. Our dependable international voice solutions not only significantly boost your revenue but also open doors to fresh opportunities. We provide access to the finest high-quality international routes, global coverage, direct interconnects, and competitive rates tailored specifically for retail operators.

For Retailers

We provide omnichannel communication solutions aimed at elevating customer experiences, fostering enduring and sustainable relationships. Our steadfast voice solutions empower you to seamlessly meet your customers' on-demand needs by intelligently directing calls to the right agents through our advanced IVR system. With the ability to resolve issues swiftly, leave a lasting impression on your clients, and ultimately enhance customer loyalty rates, let's embark on this journey to improve your customer relationships today.